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March 26, 2019

Acton will be facing many challenges in the coming years. Regional growth will impact Acton regardless of any increases to our population.  The increasing demand for services could outstrip our ability to pay for them under Proposition 2 1/2.  Long overdue projects such as the North Acton Fire Station will require a debt exclusion override.  Many remaining parcels of Open Space may come on the market. All of these challenges require an experienced and fiscally prudent candidate.



After nine years on the Board, I will be stepping down following Annual Town Meeting in April.  Electing capable, serious-minded individuals will ensure that the Board remains strong, stable and working effectively in the best interests of the community.  The candidates I endorse possess the professionalism, work ethic, pragmatism, calm temperament and capacity for informed, objective, non-ideological decision-making that will serve the Board and Town well.  I have known Dean Charter since 2005, when I joined the Conservation Commission and he was Municipal Properties Director and Tree Warden.  Dean has a deep understanding of how Town government works because of his decades-long service as a Town employee, and deep ties to the Town through his family's historical roots and his own lifelong residency.  Since retiring in 2015, he has remained engaged as a volunteer on Town committees.  With his perspective and experience as a Town employee and resident, Dean will be a valuable addition to the Board.

      -Janet K. Adachi

Dean Charter Is Running For Selectman

Dean is a fifth generation Actonian who retired in 2015 after 40 years as a Town employee with many years as the Director of Municipal Properties and Tree Warden. His profile and  impressive list of accomplishments, too numerous to fully detail here, are available at www.deancharter.com. A few of the projects he was instrumental in making a reality are the new Senior Center, the Public Safety Facility, the Transfer Station solar field, renovation of Town Hall and the Memorial Library. Dean and his wife, Marcia, raised two sons who went through the Acton school system, as Dean did. He has a BS in Education and an MA in Public Administration. An avid outdoorsman, he is an activist in supporting OPEN SPACE and other projects such as trail improvements to Nagog Hill, Nashoba Brook, Grassy Pond, Stoneymeade, and Pratts Brook Conservation areas. He believes the Town has an obligation to preserve publicly owned historic resources. He has served as staff support to the Green Advisory Board and managed numerous state grants under the Green Communities Act.

He is very likable, with a calm, confident and knowledgeable approach to issues that make him very easy to work with. As a Community Preservation Committee member, Dean already is helping decide what Community Preservation Committee applications to fund. He has supported funding for Historic Preservation projects. As a former Massachusetts Certified Purchasing Official, he would ensure Acton gets its money’s worth in the design and construction of the North Acton Fire Station. As a member of the Kelley’s Corner Steering Committee and a Certified Arborist, Dean is a valuable resource to Town staff, the public, and other Kelley’s Corner Infrastructure Improvement Plan participants. One example, arriving at satisfactory compromises on contentious tree-related issues.

Many future projects will require tax increases that are limited by Proposition 2 ½. Dean has the background and experience to decide which projects are necessary, doable and fundable. He knows what it takes to get public projects done, while being fiscally prudent.

I urge Acton residents to vote for Dean Charter for Selectman on Town Election Day Tuesday March 26.

Derrick Chin

Heald Rd

Planning Board, Kelley’s Corner Steering Committee, Economic Development Committee.


There are two openings on the Board of Selectmen this year with three candidates running. Janet Adachi and Katie Green are leaving the Board after several terms of exemplary service. The March 26 election will present an opportunity for voters to choose the two best candidates to replace Katie and Janet.  I plan to vote for Dean Charter and David Martin and I hope you will too. 

I have been a town volunteer for over 30 years including 12 years on the Board of Selectmen.  In addition to serving on town boards throughout those years, I keep myself informed about local government issues by observing town board meetings, reading volumes of material on the Town website, and communicating with various elected and appointed officials. 

Both Dean and David have served their community well in multiple ways and will bring a fresh approach to governing that combines their hands-on government experience and common sense business skills with energy, enthusiasm, independent thinking, and vast knowledge.

A good Selectman is open-minded and respectful of those with differing opinions.  Being well-prepared for the meetings is important, that means studying the background material prior to the meetings, seeking out answers to questions, and coming prepared to take votes. Dean and David will be this kind of Selectman.

We will miss Katie and Janet terribly and I thank them for their dedicated service to the town. They have led by example and have showed us all what Good Government should be.  It will take these two candidates, Dean and David, to fill the void they leave behind.  Please join me in electing Dean Charter and David Martin to the Board of Selectmen on March 26.

Nancy Tavernier

Mohawk Drive

To the Beacon:

I know Dean Charter as a long-time advocate for Acton, and as a man of deep personal convictions and an unsurpassed work ethic. I strongly endorse him for the a position on the Acton Board of Selectman, and think it a no-brainer to have a person of his unique quality and experience filling such a vital town function. Please cast your vote for him on March 26. Thank you!

Sean Coughlin

86 Charter Road

Dear Editor,            

Dean Charter for Selectman

I met Dean and Marcia shortly after moving to Acton nearly thirty-eight years ago.  That summer of 1981, it was Dean and his late dad who climbed our tall oak trees and trimmed their branches.  Our older son was the first student through the door at Marcia’s childcare center in January, 1985.

 As a fifth generation Actonian, who has lived here his entire life, Dean has seen the town grow from 3,500 to just under 23,000 today.  He really understands Acton. Dean has an existing knowledge of what has worked and what has not.  He explains things extremely well.  Dean would bring to the Board of Selectmen a unique and proven skill set.  As Acton’s Municipal Properties Director for the better part of his forty years working for the Town,

Dean has demonstrated a care for and sensitivities to our structural assets without equal.  He loves our forests and our libraries and has a true depth of understanding of climate change.  Dean has the ability to weigh trade-offs and to compromise, essential prerequisites to being a selectman.

Dean is an avid reader and quite thoughtful and reflective.  As Acton has grown, Dean has embraced the ideas and change brought about by our many new Actonians. 

I would heartily welcome Dean as a Board of Selectman colleague.


Jon Benson

21 Deacon Hunt Drive