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As Municipal Properties Director for many years, Dean was closely involved in many large projects, including the expansion and renovation of Town Hall, expansion of the Memorial Library, and the construction of the Public Safety Facility.  Dean also was responsible for the maintenance and operation of those, and all other town facilities.  He clearly understands the need to create or upgrade public facilities, and to have a clearly articulated plan as to how public infrastructure is to be financed and maintained.

Towards the end of his professional career, Dean initiated and completed numerous energy conservation projects on town property including the conversion of streetlights to LED, upgrading HVAC and lighting systems in numerous buildings, and worked with our vendor to bring the solar field at the Transfer Station on line, including implementing the Net Metering program.  Dean also served as staff support to the Green Advisory Board and successfully managed numerous state grants under the Green Communities Act.  These energy conservation projects saved money for the taxpayers while reducing our carbon footprint.  Dean will continue to support energy conservation initiatives that are financially feasible and can be rationally implemented.  It is important to carefully choose between practical projects as opposed to the latest trending idea.

For many years, as a town staff member, Dean worked on the creation of an adequately sized and equipped Senior Center.  As he transitioned from a staff member to being volunteer Chairman of the Senior Center Study Committee, it became obvious that issues related to the possible site, and more importantly the escalating cost and time frame made it apparent that a new approach to the project was necessary.  Dean worked with the Committee to take a fresh look at the project, and he successfully presented a plan at the 2016 Town Meeting to seek out leased space instead of pursuing a $14,000,000 new construction project.  This resulted in the present facility at 30 Sudbury Road, which serves not only at a Senior Center, but also as the location for the combined Human Services operation.  The ability to look at all options is a valuable skill for Town officials.

There has been an identified need for enhanced Fire and Emergency Medical response to the northern portion of Acton since the 1970s.  Growth along Great Road and in North Acton over the last decades has made the situation even worse.  The existing three village stations are all over fifty years old and are undersized and poorly located based on the geographic spread of the town.  On several occasions Dean worked with the Selectmen and various committees to address the issue, but the right solution had not jelled.  The town has now acquired a new site in North Acton for a facility and preliminary planning has begun.  Dean looks forward to working with the professional staff of our Fire Department and consultants as necessary to determine exactly what is needed to serve our needs now and for the next fifty years, and how the entire Fire/EMS operation will be financed, staffed, and maintained to provide exemplary service throughout town. 

For many years there has been consideration of improvements to Kelley’s Corner.  As a fairly recent member of the Kelley’s Corner Steering Committee Dean has been involved with review of the project to make it the “right size” and financially feasible.  There is no such thing as a project with a perfect solution; compromises must be made, and Dean is committed to working with the committee and staff towards coming up with a reasonable plan that facilitates the flow of vehicular, pedestrian and bicycle traffic through the area, providing a greatly enhance level of safety for pedestrians and bicycles, providing universal access, and creating an area that is both commercially viable and pleasant for the residents.  This will be done with a clear-eyed approach to all the elements to the project, including properly sited and maintained sidewalks, street trees, lighting, and other street infrastructure.